A Good Supplier is Everything!

candlehaven.ca is the best supplier candle supplier in Canada

When starting out in this business having a supplier that encourages you, answers your questions, gives you guidance above and beyond the call is critical to a young entreprenneur’s success. 

Not only did I find the most beautiful candle making products at Candlehaven.ca, but I found a team that was willing to help me create exactly the candles I wanted, up to and including helping me to research the needed ingredients for my signature Sparkle Dust Candles. When the vessels I wanted weren’t avilable in Canada, they sourced them for me, and then even named their iLite vessels after my company.

I can’t say enough nice things about this supplier. They’re much more than that. They’ve invested in my success and it shows. Are they a little more expensive than some other companies, perhaps for some items, but you really get what you pay for, and with their expertise in international trade, they’re able to procure whatever you want so that you don’t have be involved in messy importations. They do it all for you. A relationship with them is invaluable. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can do so here.

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Don't Drink The Fragrance Oil

This should go without saying, but when you start out as an entrepreneur, like most of us you have to work in your own kitchen alongside your family. It can be chaos.

On one such night when I was making candles for my customers I carefully measured out my Lavender Fields Forever fragrance oil and set it aside in a glass container waiting for my wax to melt. When my wax arrived at the perfect temperature I reached for my fragrance oil, only to find it missing. A few seconds later, I heard a ghastly noise come from my Father who had swallowed my fragrance oil thinking it was beer. Not only was this a terrific waste of money, but he said he couldn’t get the taste out of his mouth for three days. 

Moral of the story….put a lid on any glass jar housing fragrance oil, even if it is only for a few minutes.

ilite candles is a maker of sparkle dust candles

Making Sparkle Dust Candles

A magician never reveals his/her secrets, at least not entirely. I can tell you that it was a long process making these beautiful glittering candles, and that it was a very sparkly journey.

I knew when I started out that glitter was flammable, and so a traditional glitter or sparkle substance cannot be used. I also knew that mica clogged wicks, and therefore would prevent my candles from burning properly.

I started seeking out very light glitter, fairy dusts and flitter. You name it, I bought it and tried it in my candles. Each time a new product would arrive I’d get excited and then I’d watch as the glitter sank to the bottom of the wax. Glitter that sparkles so pretty should never make a person so sad.

I finally came upon a mica based product, paired with the lightest pixie dust glitter money can buy, and with just a pinch, my sparkle dust candles were born.