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About iLite Candles

In 2020, I made a last minute impulse purchase of candle supplies at Michael’s right before going into our first of many lockdowns during the pandemic. I figured that I could learn to make candles to pass the time, because after all, who doesn’t like candles.

I learned quickly that its an artform, and an exact science. I had to approach candle making with attention, care and love, which was easy because candle making became all consuming for me, a true passion.

After quickly burning through my initial supplies from Michael’s I began sourcing quality waxes and wicks from all over the world so I could make the nicest candle that the world have ever seen, and naturally those around me, seeing how beautiful they were, encouraged me to start selling them.

…BUT that wasn’t enough. I knew I could have the best candle labels, the best candle vessels, the best smelling fragrance oils, but during lockdowns I couldn’t exactly get in front of customers or retailers to sell my lovely candles.

I needed something visual to push my home made candles into the stratosphere….and I found it!

With just a pinch of pixie dust, Sparkle Dust Candles by iLite Candles was born.

Each candle is hand poured in Toronto, Canada using the finest quality materials. From the all natural soy wax, elegant candle vessels, cotton wicks, and a dash of our mineral based glitter no detail is overlooked. At iLite Candles  quality and elegance is ensured at every step.

I hope you’ll love my candles as much as I love making them for you. Get your very own today, here!